Salesforce Mailchimp Integration – Unsubscription

Mailchimp became one of the most popular email marketing tools in recent history with up to 15 million clients. 

Mailchimp frequently releases state-of-the-art tools and functionality to design, send, and automate email marketing. So it is common sense to have an integration to Salesforce, called Mailchimp for Salesforce. Most of the functionality you need comes out of the box, but if a Mailchimp Subscriber unsubscribes within Mailchimp the standard DoNotEmail Field on Leads and Contacts in Salesforce is not updated. 

Therefore, a workaround with 3rd party tools like Zapier or use of automation like Process Builder, Flow or APEX within Salesforce is needed. 
The following instructions show how to update the subscriber Optout with Process builder. 

In Salesforce a Mailchimp Subscriber record for each email address in each list is created after the first sync of that person. This Mailchimp Subscriber record is either related to a Contact or a Lead via a related lookup. So on the Contact record, you can show the Mailchimp Subscriber record by adding the MC Subscriber field.


Mailchimp For Salesforce setup is completed.


  • Setup > Process Builder > New Process. Then select MC Subscriber as an object.
  • Make sure you add a proper description, i.e. Set Do Not Email if MC Unsubscribe is set.
  • Define the Action Group. The Salesforce record will be edited with the status of Unsubscribe when the list is synced with Mailchimp. Select Member Status as field. 
  • The criteria will be whenever the Member Status in MC Subscriber is Unsubscribed 
  • We check the Do you want to execute checkbox so this only fires when the Member Status is changed to Unsubscribed. Alternatively you can add a rule to check for the Member Status and use the Operator “changed” and value “True”. It never goes back to Subscribed again, so we don’t need to do much more than that.
  • Create action and select contacts and add the filter as, we only want to update the Contact record if they are not already Opted Out so we say Filter the records based on Email Opt Out Equals False, then we update the field Email Opt Out to True. 
  • Activate the process.
  • Test the process: To test it, you need to unsubscribe someone in Mailchimp, that already has an MC Subscriber record in Salesforce and then, sync the Mailchimp list with Salesforce.